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At Tonto Basin Cactus, we sell prickly pear products that are all handmade from Central Arizona from the Edelman cactus. Each jar or bottle is produced in small batches, one at a time, in our own commercial kitchen located on our prickly pear ranch. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not use Mexican prickly pear picked by children for low wages. We pick our own prickly pear. For that reason, we always have a limited inventory. We don't have a factory or warehouse, we pick it, and make it ourselves. We are a true mom and pop company. We have no employees, no sub contractors, no secret factories that actually make our prickly pear, what you see is what you really get. 

Why don't you see more prickly pear products at your local store? The answer to this question is economics. It is hard to pick this fruit, and dangerous as rattlesnakes are always around and most of the plants have to be picked in stages as the sunny sides ripen before the more shaded sides. It takes a lot of prickly pears to make a single bottle of juice as most of the fruit is mostly seeds. This is why you don't see jams and juices at your local store. As it is impossible to effectively harvest prickly pear by machine,it is done by hand. Being labor intensive, most prickly pear comes out of Mexico were wages are very low. Even when this product comes out of Mexico, it is further cut by adding water, corn syrup, or apple and pineapple juices . Check out the labels of the big companies selling prickly pear and you will see what we are talking about.


Prickly Pear Health Benefits

If you're more concerned about taking advantage of some of the health benefits of prickly pear, then we would recommend our prickly pear juice or syrup. In Mexico, it has been the custom for years to support your health by taking as little as 4-5 drops or 1/2 teaspoon of prickly pear and mixing it with a large glass of water making a very tasty drink.

The Native Americans have been using the prickly pear long before the arrival of the Spanish as a food or drink. Today, they are the largest consumers of prickly pear in the world.

Recent serious pharmaceutical studies from countries around the globe are starting to confirm what the people of the southwest of known all along, that not only is prickly pear tasty, but it may prolong your life and help with so many ailments. Prickly pear research by modern scientists have found it to be very helpful in reducing the effects of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and many, many more things.  Check it out by going to Health Benefits of Prickly Pear and you can see for yourself.

If you have been looking for real pure Prickly Pear juice, Tonto Basin Cactus has it.  It is not cooked in water nor is water added to it.  A few drops of lemon or lime juice are added to sweeten it up a tiny bite without added sugar of any kind. We also pick once the prickly pear is super ripe to give that added natural sweetness to all of our products.  Come check us out!  Want to see where we will be next?  Just give me a call at (602) 370-3940. 

Our goal is to harvest the best-quality prickly pear products in America.

Our Advantages

  • No chemicals, or fruit juices are added to our syrup or juices.

  • Our Products Are Grown and Made in Arizona.

  • Our Prickly Pear was tested for Quality. Rated as one of the best by U of A in Tucson.

Top Uses for Prickly Pear

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Many of our prickly pear products are great for use as condiments or to  elevate the flavors in your cooking. And unlike many prickly pear products, we do not add water, corn syrup, apple or pineapple juices to thin our products. With us, you will get the purest prickly pear you can find on the market today.

Health Benefits of Prickly Pear

Prickly pear is well-known for its healing properties. It has a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and bioflavonoids.  Prickly pear can help to level blood sugar, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.  It can also help with inflammation, intestinal track, digestive system and stomach issues just to name a few.  20 years of test studies have shown so many different health benefits.  Try it for yourself and see what it can do for you!!!

 It’s used to help diabetes TYPE  2 not on insulin and other chronic ailments.

Prickly pear research health reports

Feel free to go on the web and read any of the many, many,  medical research studies on the benefits of prickly pear.  See for yourself that prickly pear is actually called the super food because it helps so many different ailments too many to name.  But the 20 years of test studies will give you a much needed information on all of its help for better health.