Prickly Pear Products, Sedona AZ, Phoenix AZ

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Prickly Pear Juice


7 oz bottle. One of our biggest sellers, and our signature product. This the real stuff. If you are looking for straight , true, prickly pear puree, or straight product, here is it. If's very hard to find because most  suppliers cut it down. As we are a small operation we don't do this. Some claim they have pure puree, but when you check their label you will find water, apple juice, pineapple juice added. Not here, no fillers. We sell a lot of this to diabetics who use it 3 times per day to help level blood sugar. It can also be used for anything syrup can be used for. Just 2 drops in a glass of water can be used for cactus water. The premixed cactus water coming out of southern California now is 30 times more expense. Make it yourself and save.

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